Taker, The Final Deity 2

Taker is Book 2 in The Final Deity Series.
Nicole should be happy. After all, she has the power to control life itself. But after the deadly confrontation in the woods, Nicole must now find a way to distance herself from the agents who want to capture her. Her friends will join her on a journey to understand the mysteries behind the ancient prophecy of the Balancer — and they will learn that she is not alone.As Nicole struggles to be as ordinary as possible, she must make a choice: Will she ignore her gifts and return to the life of an average teenager? Or will she embrace her destiny?

“In ancient times, she would have been worshipped like a god. You could’ve befriended her. Learned from her. And, in time, she could’ve ushered in a new era of peace this world has never seen before. Instead, your people have spat on her and hunted her down like a common criminal. You reap what you sow.”

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